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Logistics Adjustment Notification

The Logistics Adjustment Notification is the notification sent for logistics adjustment. 

Keys Used

Email Notification: logistics_adjustment_notification   

Mail Notification

Available Variables


Store object is available for store information and has the following variables:

  • store.title: Returns the title of the store.
  • store.url: Returns the store URL.
  • store.logo: Returns the logo image URL.


It contains the information about the user and has the following variables:

  • user.name: Returns the full name of the user.


  • order-id: Returns the order id.
  • user_name: Returns the name of the user.
  • items: Returns the product items.
  • item_count: Returns the item count. 
  • service: Returns the name of the service provider.
  • tracking_number: Returns the tracking number for the order.