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Managing approval flow for seller products

StoreHippo provides a fine-grained control to admin to approve or reject the products added or edited by sellers. 

You can enable approval flow by turning on settings in Settings > Seller Settings section in StoreHippo Admin Panel.

Admin can manage approval flow for seller products using following settings:

Need Approval On Add Product

Check this if you don't want seller uploaded products to be approved automatically. Seller products will be updated in pending approval list and admin will have to approve before they are published on the storefront.

Need Approval On Edit Product

Check this if you want to review seller products even when seller product information is edited. Once product information is edited by seller product will automatically move to pending approval list. You can also specify particular fields or give an exception on which you want the products to go in pending approval list.

Approve/Reject a Single Product

There are two ways by which you can approve/reject a product.
1. Go to the seller tab under products and change the status of Approve field to "approved"/"rejected".

You can either approve a product, reject a product or you can also change the status to pending if you do not want to take any action right now. The products would be listed under different tabs based on the status you set for seller products. 
  • If a product is approved and published, it would be listed under published tab. 
  • If a product is approved and unpublished, it would be listed under unpublished tab. 
  • If a product is rejected, it would be listed under rejected and unpublished tab. 
  • If a product is pending approval, it would be listed under pending approval and unpublished tab. 

2. You can also manage seller approval flow by changing the status of the approve field on products page.   

  •  Go to products page and click on the pending approval/rejected tab.     
  • Click on the ellipse button on the right-hand side of product that you want to approve.
  • Choose the approve option from drop-down menu.
In the same way, you can reject a product by choosing the reject option from the drop-down menu under published/unpublished tab.

Approve/Reject Multiple Products

To approve multiple products in one go, select the checkbox option on the top left corner of the products page as illustrated in the image given below.

After you click on the checkbox button, an ellipse button will appear at the right-hand. Click on the ellipse button and choose the approve option to bulk approve the products.

The approve option will appear under Pending Approval, Rejected and Unpublished tab.
Note: The option will also appear under Unpublished tab only in case of pending approval/rejected products.

Follow the same steps to bulk reject products under published/unpublished/pending approval tab.