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Managing Orders

You can manage the customer orders in the orders section of StoreHippo Admin Panel

Searching and Filter Orders

If there are many orders then you can search and filter orders to process the specific orders.

Adding an order manually

You can add an order manually by clicking on this tab.

Order Summary

You can click on the order to see the summary of the order in the right panel.

Note:  You can also edit the customer address and billing address of an existing order.

Operations on Order

Let us now take a look at the actions we can perform on the order summary window:


Mark as shipped

If you have processed an order manually through a third party logistics provider, click on Mark as shipped to record the shipment details. You will be required to enter the AWS number and the service provider name. An email notification will be sent to the customer. 

Ship Now

You can use this option to ship the order if- 
a) you are shipping the order using StoreHippo shipping account or
b) you have integrated your own shipping account.

Reschedule Shipment

To reschedule a shipment, first, you need to cancel the shipment. Then go back to the order, click on the Actions tab against that order and reschedule the shipment. You need to follow all the steps similar to Shipping an order while rescheduling shipment.

Create Fulfillment

Fulfillments gives you finer control on fulfilling the orders than just shipping the entire order. You will have to enable partial fulfilment in the Store Settings to use this feature. You can create fulfilment for all items or few items of the order. You can also create invoices for partial fulfilment.

Cancel Order

You can cancel the order by clicking on this tab.

Duplicate Order

You can duplicate the order by clicking on this tab.

Generate Invoice

You can also generate the invoice for your order by clicking on this tab.

Print Invoice

You can also take a print of your order summary by clicking on this tab.

Regenerate Invoice

You can also regenerate the invoice for your order by clicking on this tab, in case you have made changes in the invoice template.

Resend Order Confirmation

You can resend the order confirmation to the customer and/or the seller using this command.

Add Additional Info

You can add additional information to your orders in case you want to pass such information to your customers after they have placed an order.

View Logs

You can view the history of all the actions you have performed on an order, by clicking on this tab.

Return Shipment

You can return a shipment from closed orders tab. 

Go to Closed Orders tab. Select the order which needs to return and click on the ellipsis button. Choose Return Shipment from the drop-down. 

Click on Return Shipment will redirect you to the Ship Now section. Here you schedule the pickup.

Enter the pickup address from where the package is to be picked and the address where the package is to be dropped such as warehouse etc.