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Available in Business Plan and above.

Metafields are the extended fields in entities that are used as an additional field in store's resources such as products, categories, orders etc. 

Go to Advance Settings > Metafields section in StoreHippo Admin Panel to access metafields.

Adding metafields

To add metafields or additional field in an entity, click on Add New. The following window appears with the fields explained below:


Enter the name of metafield. The metafield name should be in small letters and words connected by an underscore(_). For example: business_city, address_proof, etc.

Entity Name

Enter the entity name to which you want to add the metafield. For example: ms.sellers, ms.users, etc.

Data Type

Choose a data type for the fields from the drop-down. Following are the possible data types:

  • String
  • Integer
  • Number
  • Array (list of records)
  • Datetime
  • Reference
  • Relation
  • Function
  • File
  • Geo
  • Custom


Clicking on the settings gear icon against data type lets you define the settings of the field. 

Edit type

It defines the edit type or display type of the field. This edit type is used as input type for the field when a record is added or edited. Different data types have different edit types.


Validation field allows you to define the validation rules for the field. You can define more than one validation rules for a field. Following are available validation rules:

  • callback
  • no_dot
  • email
  • numeric
  • boolean
  • min_length
  • max_length
  • greater_than
  • less_than
  • match_other_field
  • greater_than_field
  • URL
  • function
  • valid_chars
  • zip_code
  • regex


Enter the description of the field for its API documentation.


Enter the example of the field for its API documentation.


Check this setting to make the field as required.


Check this setting to make the field hidden in the add and edit forms.


Select the checkbox if you want to make the field uneditable. 


Label is the display name of the field.

Add Hidden

Select the checkbox if you want to hide the field in the add form.

Edit Hidden

Select the checkbox if you want to hide the field in the edit form.


Provide the text for the tooltip here, if you want to mention tooltip on the field.


It defines the placeholder for the field in the forms.


Specify the default value for the field if no value is passed.


You can define a function to show the field value in a specifically formatted way on the listing pages in the Admin Panel.

Show on

Provide the field and value here, if you want to make this a sub-field of a field.


If you want to apply event handler on the field, select the event as onChange, onLoad, onClick. You can define functions for the event in the handler.

Displaying metafield on Storefront

When a metafield is added in the admin panel, you would want to display them on the storefront. To do so, you are required to make changes to the widget template from Design theme.

For example, we have added a metafield as "metafield name". To display the metafield on the product page, go to the product widget in the design theme and provide the following code:

<p ng-if="product.metafields.metafieldname">{{product.metafields.metafieldname}}</p>


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