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Metafields are the extended fields in entities that are used as an additional field in store's resources such as products, categories, orders etc. 

Go to Advance Settings > Metafields section in StoreHippo Admin Panel to access metafields.

Adding metafields

In order to add metafields or additional field in an entity, click on Add New. The following window appears with the fields explained below:


Enter the name of metafield. For example: business_city, address_proof

Entity Name

Enter the entity name to which you want to add the metafieldFor example: ms.sellers, ms.users

Data Type

Choose a data type for the fields from the drop-down. For example: String, Number


Clicking on the settings gear icon against data type lets you define the settings of the field. Learn about these settings in the Entity topic. 

If a metafield created for a product {{product.metafields.metafieldname}} is used in front-end to show the data in that existing metafield.