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Mobile Apps Build Fails

StoreHippo provides a built-in feature of the building Android and iOS mobile applications in its stores. Once the mobile app is built, you are required to submit the package in the App store in order to make it live. While doing so, you may sometimes receive some errors. 

We have explained some errors and their fixes here.

iOS build fails

Icon or splash screen is not a png file

Building an iOS app requires the images for icon and splash screens to display in the system. The icon and splash images should be in the png format only. If you have provided the images in any other format, it will show this error. So, make sure to upload only png files to avoid and fix the error.

Unable to import the certificate

If you have used the certificate with an incorrect password, and the password does not validate with signing keys, then you will be unable to import the certificate. To fix this error, make sure to supply correct credentials and upload the certificate again.

Certificate doesn't match the profile

This error is likely to occur if you have uploaded an incorrect certificate or due to some reason the certificate does not match with the application provision. To match the provisioning profile and certificate, upload the correct certificate or generate a new provisioning profile. 

Provisioning Profile or Signing Certificate has expired

Sometimes, the provisioning profile or the signing certificate that you have uploaded might be expired which does not let the app to sign up. To fix the error, try generating a new certificate or the provisioning profile. 

Android build fails

Icon or splash screen is not a png file

When you are building an Android app, you are required to provide the images for icon and splash screens to display in the system in the png format. Images in any other format is not acceptable. To fix this error, you should upload only png files for icon and splash images.