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Navigation helps you to provide a quick link to the customers which helps them to choose the right thing or access any particular information easily. 
For example with navigation, you can provide linksforterms and conditions and policies of your store.

Go to Site > Navigation section in StoreHippo Admin Panel to access navigations.

To give your customers easy access to all the pages, collections and blogs within your online store, each page must be linked in a central place. The main navigation for your store is featured in the main menu which is generally located near the top of a storefront but it can vary depending on the theme you are using.

Adding a navigation

You can add a navigation by opening the navigation panel in the site section and click on Add New button. In the page opened, you can provide the information regarding the navigation link. Clicking on the Add new button opens the following form. The fields are described below:


Enter the name of the navigation link.


Alias of the name of the navigation link that is to be handled in the template.


To generate the link, you need to click on the Add Item button. 


Define the type of link here. You can choose the type from the drop-down whether its direct link or applicable to the categories, collections, blogs, etc. Following are the types to choose from:

  • URL
  • Blog
  • Static Page
  • Brand
  • Collection
  • Product
  • Category
  • All categories


Provide the URL where the link would be redirected.


Provide an appropriate name for the title that would appear at the storefront.


You can add sub-items within a navigation link using + sign at the particular navigation link. Sub-items can be seen by expanding a navigation record that has sub-records. After expanding navigation records, sub-records can be added further by clicking on Add Sub-Items present at bottom of all subitems.  

Drag-n-Drop Navigation

Navigation records are draggable using their drag-icon. You can rearrange the navigation records by dragging them using hold-and-drag through drag icon.

Search Navigation

By searching a navigation, you can now look up for a particular navigation that you have added in the past. To search for a particular navigation, you just need to enter the name and the screen will return a search value. Below is the screen returning a search value as we searched for app link Name:

Default Navigations

Some generic navigations such as header, footer, etc are provided by-default by StoreHippo. You can edit them to edit the link or add a new navigation link. For example, if you want to add a link to Seller Registration in thefooterlink. You need to edit thefooterlinknavigation and add the URL for Seller Registration there. Default navigations are shown below: