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Notifications in other languages

StoreHippo allows you to send notifications in different languages. You can put a language check condition to check in which language the user has ordered so you can modify your mail template accordingly. This will help you to send notifications to your customer in the language they have ordered.


Your customers have placed orders in the Arabic language. You want your customers to receive notifications in the same language in which they have placed the order.

Steps to change the notification language

If you want your customers to receive the notifications in the same language in which they have placed the order, then you need to make the changes in the notifications section. To do so, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Settings > Notifications section of StoreHippo Admin Panel
  • Click the notification that you want to translate.

  • Click the "Order Confirmation" notification.
  • The notification template will open up. Go to the Email tab.

  • Now, the email notification template will open up.
  • To translate the subject, paste the following code in the subject field:
{{#compare order.client_details.selected_language "AR" operator="=="}}arabic confirmation{{/compare}}   {{#compare order.client_details.selected_language "EN" operator="=="}}test confirmation{{/compare}}

  • Similarly, to translate the body, click the EDIT option and paste the following code:
{{#compare ms.user.language "AR" operator="=="}}Hi {{}},AR You recently registered for {{store.url}}.  To complete your registration, follow this link: Click here for verification Thanks{{store.title}} Team{{/compare}}

  • After pasting the code, click the Save button.

Now, whenever the customer will place an order in the Arabic language, then the customer will receive an order confirmation notification in the Arabic language as well. Similarly, you can do the same for other notifications and other languages.

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