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How to provide option to choose color from image on product page?


You want to create variants of a shoe for men to provide various choices incolorsto your customers.



Create option and variants

Please follow these steps to create an option and variants for the product:

Creating Option Sets 

  1. Go to Products > Option Sets section in StoreHippo Admin Panel.
  2. Click on Add New.
  3. Provide the Name as 'LeeCooper' and click on Add Options to add options.
  4. Enter Name as 'Color' and Display name as 'Color'.
  5. Select Type as 'Image' from the drop-down. 
  6. Click on the Add values.
  7. Provide the Label as 'Tan' and Value as 'Tan'. Upload the image.
  8. Click on Insert values.
  9. Insert more option i.e Grey and Brown for the product the same as explained above.
  10. Check the Required field checkbox.
  11. Provide the Default value as 'Tan'.
  12. Click on Insert Options.
  13. Click on Save to save theoptionset.

     Creating Options

  14. Go to Products > Products section in the admin panel. In the add/edit products form, select the Options & Variants tab.
  15. Choose the Option Set 'LeeCooper' from the drop-down. Click on Import button to add the selected option set.

    Creating Variants

  16. Now click on Automatically Generate Variants to create the variants of the product automatically. You can also opt to add variants manually.
  17. Now, click on save and continue to save all the details.
  18. To view the product on the Storefront, click on the View Product button.