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Product Options and Variants

Option and variants help to offer choices to customers such as size,color, material etc. This allows the customer to compare and choose the different variant within the same product range.

Let us take an example of a “shirt” which is available in differentcolorsand sizes. You might want to give your customers the option to choose from the differentcolorssay red, blue, green etc. and sizes like small, medium, large, extra large and so on for the same product.

To create option and variants for products, go to Products > Products section in StoreHippo Admin Panel. In the add/edit products form, add options and variants to a product by selecting the Options & Variants tab as shown below: 


Options are the different properties of a product that are used to define product variants. An option which can have multiple values. For example, the size of a product is an option which can have multiple values like Small, Medium, Large.

Click on Add option to add your own set of options. Specify the name of the option and their values. You can provide the name of the option as Color and values as Red, Blue, Green.

You can either you can create your own set of options or import an option set.

Option Sets

Option set helps you to create style choices for the customers so that customers are able to choose the different variants in a more user-friendly manner. For example, you can showcolorin checkbox, and size in swatch format. You can import an option set by clicking on the Import button and the data will appear in the Options.


Product variants are the different combinations of options for a single product. For example, a T-Shirt with size small and thecolorred is a variant of product T-Shirt.
You can create variants to your product either manually or automatically.

  • Add New Variant Manually

If you want to generate the variants manually, click on the Add New Variant Manually and enter all the basic details of variants like editing the SKU, weight, price, compare price, inventory management, minimum/maximum limit to buy this product, tag etc. for the variants.

    • Automatically Generate Variants

    Clicking on Automatically Generate Variants will automatically generate variants for you based on the options that you have created.

    You can edit and delete the variants. Click on the ellipsis button and select the required action. You can also choose the variant that you want to set as default.

    Note: The SKU for the variants are generated only when you save the variants.

    Images for Variants

    The images for products are uploaded in the General section. If you want to add different images for your products variants, you should provide the tag with the image. You are required to specify the same tag in the product variant to add the image for a particular variant.

    Please refer to the following link for the complete procedure: How to assign the product images to the variants?


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