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Shipping Status Change Notification

Shipping Status Change Notification is the notification sent to the customer when shipping status is updated for customer's order.

Keys Used

Email Notification: shipping_status_change
SMS Notification: shipping_status_change

Mail Notification

SMS Notification


Dear {{username}}, Your package with Order ID {{order_id}} containing {{item_count}} items was shipped by {{service}} service with tracking number {{tracking_number}}

Push Notification

Dear {{username}}, Your package with Order ID {{order_id}} containing {{item_count}} items was shipped by {{service}} service with tracking number {{tracking_number}}

Available Variables


Order object contains the order details and has the following variables:

  • order.order_id: Returns the id of the order.
  • order.billing_address: Returns the billing address of the user.
  • order.additional_charges: Returns an array of additional charge applied on the order.
  • order.shipping_address: Returns the shipping address of the user.
  • order.item_count: Returns item count or the order.
  • order.status: Returns the status of order i.e open, close,cancelled.
  • order.items: Returns an array of items for the order.
    • name: Return the name of product ordered.
    • product_url: Returns theurlof the product ordered.
    • weight: Returns the weight of the product ordered.
    • price: Returns the price of the product.
    • list_price: Returns the compare price of the product.
    • discount_total: Returns the price of discount appliedonthe product.
    • discounts:Returns an array of discounts which is appliedonthe product.
    • taxes: Returns an array of taxes which is appliedonthe product.
    • taxes_total: Returns the total price of taxes appliedonthe product.
    • thumbnail_url: Returns theurlof the product image of 100 x 100.
    • image_url: Returns theurlof the product image of 1024 x 1024.
    • quantity: Return the ordered quantity of the product.
    • total: Returns the total price of the product.
  • Returns the email id of the user.
  • order.discounts: Return the available discounts applied on the order.
  • order.discount_total: Returns the total of the discount applied to the order.
  • order.shipping_method: Returns an object of shipping methodapplied
  • order.shipping_method_name: Returns the name of applied shipping method.
  • order.shipping_total: Returns the total of shipping applied.
  • order.currency: Returns a currency object which contains name, symbol, conversion_rate, decimal_points.
  • order.taxes_total: Returns the order's tax price.
  • order.wallets: Returns an array of applied wallet.
  • order.ecoupon: Returns an object ofappliedcoupon which contains name, discounts and coupon code.
  • order.txn_id: Returns the transaction id of the order.
  • order.price_type: Returns the type of tax applied on the order (inclusive or exclusive).
  • Returns the order total.
  • order.created_at: Returns the timestamp of when an order was created. Use the date filter to format the timestamp.


Store object is available for store information and has the following variables:

  • store.title: Returns the title of the store.
  • store.url: Returns the store URL.
  • store.logo: Returns the logo image URL.


It contains the information about the user and has the following variables:

  • Returns the full name of the user.


Fulfillment object is available for shipping information and has the following variables:

  • fulfillment.tracking_number: Returns the tracking number of order.
  • fulfillment.service: Returns the shipping service provider e.g FedEx.
  • fulfillment.status: Returns the status oforder,e.g shipped.