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Static pages are the ones which do not change or are updated very frequently, it generally contains the information for the website like about us, policies, terms & conditions and any other standardized information.

Go to Site > Pages section in StoreHippo Admin Panel to manage pages.

However, existing pages can be edited or deleted or a new static page can be added by clicking on Add new button.

Adding new page

Under static pages, you can define custom pages on the site that contain informational content like About Us, Terms etc. You can also create custom pages for your marketing campaigns. To add a new static page, go through managing static pages.

Editing an existing page

You can also edit, delete, duplicate or view a particular page by clicking on the relevant option under the drop-down of the ellipsis button of the page name.

Note: In order to make static page link visible on the site, you need to setup Navigation which can be done under Navigation section.