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PayU Money Aggregator

 PayU Aggregator solution allows you to perform multiple settlements against a single authorised transaction.

To setup of the adaptive/split payment by PayU Aggregator, please follow the below steps:

Register on PayU Money 

  1. Register yourself on PayU Money.
  2. Create Sub-Merchants.
  3. Get the merchant ids of different children.

Setting up Payment Method

You need to add different sub-merchant for different substores/locations. Follow the below steps to set up payment methods:

  1. Go to Settings > Payment Methods section of StoreHippo Admin panel
  2. Add PayU Money Aggregator as a payment method. 
  3. Mention the Sub-Merchant ID of the of the PayU Aggregator.
  4. Add conditions to the payment method and save.

Adding Sellers

Follow the below steps to adding the secondary receiver in Seller Payout Methods

  1. Go to Sellers > Seller Payout Methods section of StoreHippo Admin panel.
  2. Add seller payout methods by clicking on Add New button. 

  3. Select the Seller and Type as PayU Money. Mention the sellers' Merchant Id under Payumoney Merchant Id field.