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Plans and Billing

A billing plan is a schedule of individual's billing details for a single item. The plans and Billing section gives the overview of the client's transactions and bank account including his current subscription plans. All the transactions and billings done onthe store so far, are displayed in this section.

Get yourself well equipped with the Pricing Plans of StoreHippo.

To access Plans and Billing go to Plans and Billing section in StoreHippo Admin Panel

The plans and Billing have the following subsections:

Billing Overview

The Billing Overview gives the overview of the Plan that the client has enrolled himself into, his Active Bank account details and the Store Invoices. The Plan overview contains information about his active Plans, the date of expiry, and the current status of his selected plan. StoreHippo gives you an option to Auto Renew your plan, once expired. The Outstanding Balance is the leftover balance that the client has to pay for the services of the store that he is using. The credit limit for a store is the threshold of the outstanding balance. The Admin can Add Credit Limit to the store.
To Grow your business, upgrade your plan features by changing the Plan. When you click on Change Plan, information about your plan as shown below. You can also choose any other plan if you wish to. 

The Bank Account consists of a summary of your active bank account. Store Invoices include the Summary of the last 4 Store Invoices. 

Bank Accounts

The Bank Accounts consists of the details of the client's bank accounts, showing his Name, Alias, Status, and Settings. You can search quickly for a particular client's details by using the Search by Name field. You can also Add New account details by clicking on the Add New button. The Add New button opens a window with the following fields: 


Enter the name of the client whose bank details are required.


Alias is used to create a unique URL on your Storefront. Alias is created automatically but you can always modify it to create an SEO-friendly URL.


Under the settings section, you need to provide the Bank Account details.


Enter the name of the customer whose bank details are required.

Account number

Enter the account number of the customer here.

Bank Name

Enter the name of the Bank where the customers have their account.

Bank Branch

Enter the name of the bank branch where the customers have their account.

Ifs Code

The customer needs to mention the Indian Financial System Code for identifying the bank and branch in which the account is held. 

Pan Card Number

In this field, the customer mentions his Permanent Account Number.

Cancelled Cheque

In this field, the customer uploads a Cancelled cheque of his account.
After setting up the details, click on the Save Button.

Billing Profile

The Billing Profile contains the Billing Contact and the Billing address of the owner of the store. The billing profile contains the data that is needed for generating store invoices of StoreHippo.


The transaction consists of all the records of credit, debits done so far in the store.

Store Invoices

They are the Invoices raise the services that are being used by the owner of the store.

COD Ledger

Payments for the COD orders shipped through StoreHippo shipping providers can be checked under the COD ledger.

Withdrawal Request

You can place withdrawal request to transfer the amount from your COD ledger to your bank account.