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Product attributes

Product attributes can be used to define the distinctive characteristics of a product, such as color, size, etc. Depending on the type of your product you can add various attributes to it that help in defining all the specifications of the given product. For example, if we have a shirt as a product, we can define its attributes as; size, color, material etc.

Product attributes can be visible on the Category as well as the Product page.

Go to Products > Products section in StoreHippo Admin Panel. You can find product attributes in the Miscellaneous section while adding/editing products.  

Adding Product attribute

Click on Add Attribute to add a new product attribute. The following window appears with the fields described below:


Enter the name of the attribute. An attribute can be anything like Color, Size, No. of cups, Care instructions, Wash instructions etc.


Enter the value with respect to the name of attributes. For example, "red" for Color attribute, "XL" for Size attribute etc.


Keep the value of the group either as blank or "default".

Displaying Product attributes on Category page

When you add the attributes to a product, it is displayed as sidebar filters on the Category page. To add more attributes to the category page, add the product attributes of the same name in the Miscellaneous section.

The product attributes on the Category page will appear as shown below:

Displaying Product attributes on Product page

Attributes can also be shown on the product page as the specification table. To manage it, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Click on Design theme on the top right panel of StoreHippo Admin Panel.
  2. Go to Miscellaneous section under Other variables.
  3. Edit the product sections.
  4. Click on Save all changes to save the design theme.

Add a key-value pair "attributes:Specifications", separated by a comma from the predecessor and successor key-value pairs (without any space).

Specifications table on the product page will look as shown in the screenshot below:

Adding Product attribute via CSV

You can also update the attributes for category pages through CSV in bulk at the same time. To add product attributes via CSV file, refer the following link: How to add attributes via CSV?