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Product Bundling ( Beta )

Available in Enterprise Plan and above.

StoreHippo provides the functionality of product bundling which allows you to sell combo products on your website. This feature helps in upselling, cross-selling and creating special offers that boost your conversions.

You can create one master product and various sub-products under it. The price of the master(Parent) product sums up the sub-product prices.

The break-up, taxes and sub-products are shown at the checkout and final invoice. 

Following are the steps to create a product bundle:

  1. Create a master product.
  2. Create sub-products.
  3. Assign sub-products to the parent product.

Creating a master product

You can create a master product in Products > Products section in StoreHippo Admin Panel. Click on Add New button. Provide the name and basic details of the product. You don't need to add the price of the product as the price of the master product is calculated on the basis of the sum of sub-products' price.

Creating sub-products

You can create sub-products in the same way as you add products to your store. 

Alternatively, you can add sub-products directly from the parent products. To do so, click on the ellipsis button of the parent product and choose the "Manage bundled items" from the drop-down.

Clicking on the button will open a new window displaying the existing bundled products and option to add new products.

Click on Add New button and the following form appears. The Parent product is pre-populated. Select the Product Id from the drop-down and provide the Quantity of the product that you want in the product bundle. 

Assign sub-products to the parent product

You can assign sub-products to the parent product in the Products > Bundle Products section in StoreHippo Admin Panel. Click on Add New button. Clicking on Add New will open a form with the following fields:

Product Id

Select the product which you want to add to the product bundle.

Parent product

Select the parent product to which you want to assign the sub-product. 


Provide the quantity of the sub-product that you want in the product bundle.