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Product Filtering (Faceted Search)

Available in Premium Plan and above.

Product Filtering or faceted search is the feature that allows you to setup filters for your products on category, collection or brands pages.

Faceted search is the flow of managing the filters in the sidebar as per the admin convenience, you can manage which all attribute filters you want to display in the category sidebar and in which order through Faceted search.

Facet Groups

A Facet group can have multiple fields and can define how they appear in the filters.
Go to Advanced Settings > Facet groups in the StoreHippo Admin Panel to manage facet groups.

Add a new Facet Group

Click on Add New button in the top right corner to add a new facet group. The following page appears with the following fields:


Enter the name for the facet group.


In facets, the field and the type of facet are provided. You can enter multiple facets. 

Fields: Enter the field of the facet here. You can use any or all of the product fields in the field groups. The available fields in the facet groups are:

  • price

  • categories 

  • brands

  • attributes

  • options

Type: You can choose the type of facet. The types can be of four kinds:

  • Radio

  • Checkbox

  • Range

  • Swatch

Enabling Facet Groups  

By default faceted search is enabled if the plan allows it. The faceted search can be enabled through Enable Facet Group app. 
Go to StoreHippo App Store and search for the Enable Facet Group app. Install the app.

Using Facet Groups 

After you have installed the app, you can link facets to category, collection or brand. 
Go to Products > Category section in StoreHippo Admin Panel. Click on any category and you will find a Facet Group field. You can choose any desired facet from the drop-down menu.

Custom Facet Search Provider

StoreHippo allows you to specify custom faceted search providers. For example, Elastic Search to have a much greater control on the search functionality.  You can add as many fields in the facet group but the theme will display only top 10 facets.

Facet Support in Different PlansProfessional plan allows only fixed attributes i.e. price, brands, size, color.
Higher plans allow custom facet groups.