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The permission granted to various users by the store admin is stated as User Role. The permission of users to access the stores is likely to differ depending on their roles. These roles are a set of permissions that are allotted to a specific user.

For example, the order manager will have access to orders but might not have access to products. Some roles predefined by StoreHippo but you can define custom roles as well.

You can manage roles in Advance Settings > Roles section in StoreHippo Admin Panel.

Click on Add New to add a new role.

The fields from the window are described below:


Enter the name of the role.

Give admin access 

Select the checkbox if you want to give the admin login access to the role. 

Store Entity Permissions

Select the checkbox if you want to provide the permission of the entities to the role. This setting is only available if you have permissions to create custom entities in your plan


Select the type from the drop-down. The types of permission can be Group or Granular.


Select the checkbox of the sections of which you want to give access to the role.


You can choose this type if you want to give permissions at a granular entity command level. The granular level permissions are only available in the limited plans.


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