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Seller ledger formula

StoreHippo allows you to define the formula in the seller ledger. The commission on the seller will be applied on the basis of the defined formula. In case, if you want to apply multiple charges on the seller, you can achieve so by defining the formula in the seller ledger rule.


You want to charge the seller a flat fee per transaction as well as a percentage of the product total. Suppose the product was sold for Rs 1000.00, then you want to charge 25% (Rs 250) as the commission fee and the additional fee of Rs 50 as a transaction fee. So, for the purchase of Rs 1000, the seller will be charged Rs 300.


  • Go to the Sellers Seller Ledger Rules section in the StoreHippo Admin Panel.
  • Click the Add New button. 
  • In the Name field, enter the ledger name.
  • From the Type dropdown, select the type of the ledger rule you want to apply. Currently, 3 types of ledger rules are supported, which are - Product Listing Fee, Product Selling, and Fee Order Shipping Fee.
  • Select "Formula" from the Fee dropdown. In the field next to Fee, enter the commission formula. The formula should be in the format as (3.5+({{product.price}}*25)/100).
  • In the Tax Applicable on Fee dropdown, select the tax that will be applied to the fee. If you don't want any tax to be applied, leave it blank. 
  • Under the Product Filters section, select the filters to apply the fee only on specific products, categories, or collections.
  • If you want to make the ledger rule applicable to all sellers, select the "All Sellers" option from the Seller Filters radio field. To make the ledger rule applicable for the specific seller(s), select the "Specific Seller" option and select the sellers.
  • Select the Enable checkbox to activate the seller commission rule.
  • In the Level field, set the priority level of the ledger rule.
  • Click the Save button to apply the changes. 

Now, when the customer purchases the product from the specified seller, the ledger will be created as per the formula.