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Seller Payouts Methods

You can manage the payout to your sellers in case of multi-seller stores. StoreHippo offers seller payouts in the form of split/chained payment in which the payment from an admin that is indirectly split among multiple merchants. 

You can access Seller Payout Methods from Sellers > Seller payout methods section in StoreHippo Admin Panel

Adding a Seller Payout Method

To add a new seller payout method, click on the Add New button. Clicking on the Add new opens a form as shown below and fill the following fields:


Select a seller to which the payout record you wish to assign.


Choose the type of the seller payout method. The supported payment gateways forsellerpayment method are Paypal Adaptive and PayUMoney Aggregator.


Mention the details of the payout as per the type selected.

In case of Paypal Adaptive, provide the Paypal Account email (secondary receiver's email). If PayU Money Aggregator is selected, provide the Payumoney Merchant Id (seller's Merchant Id).