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Seller Processes

Adding or linking seller products

If you have a multi-seller store on StoreHippo, your sellers have limited access to the admin panel to manage their products. As an admin, you can also manage the products for any of your sellers.

There are two ways admin or seller can add products for a given seller.

Sellers can also import their products using CSV format. Sellers can also add products programmatically using the API.

To manage images for their products, sellers have access to the Files section. Under the Files section, the seller can see only the files uploaded by him.

Order management

If an order contains products from multiple sellers then the order gets split automatically, where each split order contains the products from a single seller. An automated mail is sent to the sellers notifying them for the order received.


Sellers can Ship their orders individually, hence for a single order placed by a user, there can be multiple pick up addresses depending on the total number of sellers in the order.

Managing shipping charges

Automatic order splitting

Once the order is split based on the sellers available in the order, the shipping charges also get split based on the shipping method applied.

Seller based shipping charges

Admin can also define the shipping charges for specific sellers in the Settings > Shipping Methods section. As soon as the order gets split, the seller based shipping charges are applied to the order created for the particular seller.