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Setting up seller registration

The seller registration form is provided by StoreHippo and can be accessed using the admin forms (Store Admin Panel => Site => Forms).
Since the form is offered by StoreHippo, you can't edit the field names and the data types, but the field labels can be edited and new fields can be added according to the user.

You can delete the fields if they don't comply with your country/region like PAN card is only for Indian Customers and may not apply for any other country, and add your own custom fields instead.

StoreHippo provides a seller registration form to the sellers who need platform to sell their products. Seller registration form is created with all the required fields in the entity ms.forms and the form is saved with the name of seller.
When we make each field in a seller form then we need to fill in certain details 

  1. We need to enter the field in which we wish to enter the data.Suppose we are using user entity.then when we add for e.g: user.first_name which indicates user as the entity and first_name as the field in that entity.
  2. We can enter any validation if we want.for eg: if we are making a field for email then we need to verify that the email is valid or not.so we can add any validation to verify the field to be of that type.
  3. We are given an option to select wheteher the field is required or not.This indicates that the form will not be submitted unless all the required fields are filled in a correct manner.
  4. We are having various checkboxes such as : hidden , read only and require dwhich you can add to that perticular field.
  5. There is a field name : Display name.In this field whatever name you give,it gets displayed on the front end with that name.
  6. Field groups:a form may be divided into various groups as per tour requirements. for eg: if you need all the bank enteries to be under one group then you can add these fields with the same group name.
  7. Placeholder: in this field you can place whatever you feel to see inside the input box.
After making all the fields and filling all the details we save the changes.
Seller registration is a page in which we fetch the data from forms.
  •  ms-data-formname="seller"
The seller registration form that we see on screen shows firls the group name and then the fields inside the each group.
  • <legend ng-if="value[0].settings.field_groups"
            class="scheduler-border font-bold ms-mb-s">
        <span class="field_group_name ms-p-xs"> {{value[0].settings.field_groups}} </span>
We repeat all the fields in form which contain same group:
  • <div ng-repeat="field in value ">
Now we place conditions for various display types fields:
  • <div class="form-group ms-mb-xs"
        <label for="{{field.name}}">{{field.settings.display_name}}</label>
        <input type="text" class="form-control" id="{{field.name}}"
  • The "XYZ" we see in the above code can be :
  1. ng-if="field.settings.display_type=='email'"
  2. ng-if="field.settings.display_type=='text' && field.name !='city'"
  3. ng-if="field.settings.display_type=='text' && field.name =='city'
  4. ng-if="field.settings.display_type=='password'"
  5. ng-if="field.settings.display_type=='checkbox'"
  6. ng-if="field.settings.display_type=='file'"
  7. ng-if="field.settings.display_type=='select'"
  8. ng-if="field.settings.display_type=='widget'"
  9. ng-if="field.settings.display_type=='country'"
  10. ng-if="field.settings.display_type=='radio'"
  11. ng-if="field.settings.display_type=='date'"
  12. ng-if="field.settings.display_type=='textarea'"
Each of these field contains a condition of error to be displayed if the field is required and is not filled.
  • <label class="error">{{errors[field.name]}}</label>
At the end we have a submit button which successfully submits the seller registration form 
  • <div class="submit-button text-center form-group ms-mb-l">
        <div class="form-submit">
            <button type="submit" class="btn btn-primary btn-lg">{{button}}</button>
NOTE: Title is mandatory field in seller registration form