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Seller Settings

Seller settings are accessed in the Setting > Seller settings section in StoreHippo admin panel.

In seller settings you can define following options:

Order Approval Required

Check this if you wish to approve orders manually. By default, the orders received on StoreHippo are automatically approved. The following options appear when this field is selected.

Order Approval for Sellers

Select the Order Approval for Seller checkbox to allow sellers to handle the order approval flow. In this case, the unapproved order will be assigned to the actual seller of the order and then he/she can approve or cancel the order accordingly.

Update Inventory After Approval

Check the field, if you want your sellers to update their inventory only after you have approved the order. By default, the inventory is updated without needing the approval by admin.

Seller Verification Required

Select the flag if you want to enable seller verification on the registration of sellers.

Seller Verification Method

StoreHippo provides three options for seller verification. Select any one of the following methods:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Email & Phone

Default Seller

Every store has at least one seller. When you create a store on StoreHippo, a default seller is automatically created who is same as the store administrator. Later when you add more sellers, you can change the default seller to any of the sellers.  When a product is added by admin but does not choose a seller, then that product is assigned to the default seller.

Need Approval On Add Product

Check this if you don't want products uploaded by the seller to be approved automatically. Seller products will be updated in pending approval list, and admin will have to approve before they are published on the storefront.

Need Approval On Edit Product

Check this if you want to review seller products even when seller product information is edited. Once the seller edits product information, the product will automatically move to pending approval list. You can bypass the approval on edit or require approval only when certain fields are edited.

Seller Default Status

You can specify the default status of sellers that are added or registered in your store. Setting the value to Approved will automatically approve all new sellers.

Send Notification To Admin On Seller Add

Check this if you want to receive a notification every time a seller has registered from the storefront.

Charge Seller For Shipping

By default, all the sellers are charged for the shipping charges. A debit entry is created in their ledger whenever an order is shipped. To disable this, you can uncheck this option.

Seller Non-Editable Fields

By default, the seller can edit his profile and change all the fields, but there are certain fields, e.g. identity proofs, which once added cannot be changed by the seller.  Use this field to specify the fields which can not be edited by the seller on his own.

Custom Seller Permissions

Define the custom entities like tax rules, refund, and returns at seller level in this field. Mention the entities of which you want to enable access for sellers.