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Available in Enterprise Plan and above.

Under the Sellers section, you can manage sellers who sell products on your store. Every store has at least one seller. When you create a store on StoreHippo, adefaultseller is automatically created who is the same as the store administrator.

To access the Sellers section, go to Sellers in StoreHippo Admin Panel

Multi-Seller Stores

StoreHippo allows merchants to convert their stores into multi-seller marketplaces. That means the merchant can invite other sellers to sell their products in their stores. StoreHippo provides comprehensive tools for admin to manage sellers and for sellers to manage their orders. 


You can manage sellers in the seller section which has been added to the admin left panel with options to add, approve and reject sellers. You can add new sellers or check the details of registered sellers in this section. StoreHippo allows you to control the approval flow for sellers. 

Seller Ledger

In a multi-seller marketplace, admin and sellers need to keep a track of different transactions that take place in their accounts. Seller Ledger section allows you to view and manage these transactions. 

Seller Ledger Rules

In a multi-seller marketplace, the admin might want to charge the seller's fee/commission on different activities e.g. when they sell or list their products on the marketplace. You can manage the rules to define the fees/commissions for sellers in Seller Ledger Rules section. 

Seller invoices

This section will display the list of paid and pending invoices for the sellers.

Seller groups

This section will display the list of seller groups. Similar to the User Groups, the Seller groups are used to group the sellers. One seller can belong to many groups. By grouping the sellers, you can perform various operations, such as setting the online payment method for one seller group and enabling COD for a specific seller group. 

Seller reviews

This section will display the reviews and ratings given to different sellers by the customers. Seller ratings and reviews you know how customers experience while making a from your seller.

Seller payout methods

If you have multi-seller stores, you can manage the payout to your sellers. StoreHippo offers seller payouts in the form of split/chained payment in which the payment from an admin is indirectly split among multiple merchants. Click here to know more about seller payout methods.