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Set up Facebook Login for mobile app

You can set up a Facebook login for the mobile App that you have created. To use Facebook login you will need to make sure that you've registered your mobile app with Facebook and have an App Id.
If you already have the App Id, you can directly provide it in StoreHippo admin panel. Follow the below-mentioned steps to get an App Id:

  1. Go to https://developers.facebook.com and register yourself.

  2. Click on Create App.

  1. Enter the Contact Email and Display Name in the pop-up opened.

After entering the details, you can click on Add product in the sidebar. There you will see options like Facebook login, Audience network etc.
Click on Facebook login to setup Facebook login for your mobile app. 

  1. Select Android as the platform.

  2. Go to step 3 by clicking on the Next button.

  3. Enter the package name of your app. It would be in the format com.storehippo.app, in the Mobile App section in the StoreHippo Admin panel.

  4. Enter the Default Activity Class Name as your package name with the application name in camelCase format i.e. com.storehippo.app.myApp.

  5. Generating a Release Key Hash. If you have your custom key, then generate the hash of the key using the command shown on Facebook.

 If you are using StoreHippo inbuilt android build then the hash is FSeumKoPkwVPah7xmR6I2TMpqq4=
  1. Enable Single Sign-On for Your App.

  2. Fill up the form.

  3. Go to the App Review section in the sidebar and make your app live for production use.

  4. From the dashboard in the sidebar, copy the App ID and the name of the application.

  1. Go to Mobile Apps > Mobile apps section in StoreHippo Admin Panel. Edit the app and go to the Social Login Section. Enter the App id and Application Name in the Facebook social login field.