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Setup Domain in GoDaddy

If your domain is registered with GoDaddy then follow these instructions to point your domain to StoreHippo:

  1. Log into your GoDaddy Account.

  2. Click on Domains on your GoDaddy Dashboard.

  3. For the domain that you want to manage, click on Manage DNS button under the Action section.
  4. Point the top level domain to StoreHippo Redirect Server at which will automatically redirectnon-wwwdomain to www.
  5. Add CNAME record for (e.g. to point to your store at StoreHippo (e.g. The record will require following fields:

    Host: Enter the subdomain name for the alias assignment. For example, type www.

    Points to: Enter the hostname you want the alias to point to. For example, type

  6. Click Save

After you get "Oops!Domainis not added to the store." message in your live URL, go to Domains and add your domain name to your StoreHippo admin panel.

  • If DNS record for the top level domain and for www subdomain already exist then you need to update the values instead of adding the record.
  • DNS changes might take up to 48 hours to propagate.
  • Add Cname before adding any DNS Records as in some Domain Provider Panels it will override all DNS Records due to having high priority.
  • Mention the domain name in your StoreHippo admin without www.