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Setup domain in StoreHippo

To setup domain in StoreHippo, follow the below mentioned steps:

1.Login in to Account.
2. Select your Domain for which you want to configure DNS.
3. Go to Domain Forwarding and click on Manage Domain Forwarding.
4. Provide destination name in the destination textbox. 
    E.g. www.domainname.com (Here, domain name is the name of domain)                         

  • URL Masking / Stealth Redirection / URL Hiding - Off
  • Sub Domain Forwarding - Off  
  • Path Forwarding - On  
5. Click on Save button.
6. Go to DNS Management and click on Manage DNS.
Note: For Configuring DNS Records user must have either A Record or Cname. Here A Record can be any IP of server. But if user is adding Cname then there is no need to update A Record, it should remains default.

7. Click on Cname Records Tab. 
8. Click on Add Cname. 
  • Hostname  - www
  • Value         - Store's Url (storename.storehippo.com)
Now Propagation will take some time so wait for minimum half hour or maximum 24 hrs.