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Setting up Payment Methods

You can enable different payment methods in store so that your customers have a choice of payment options at checkout. This section describes how to enable or edit the payment methods.

You can manage Payment Methods in Settings > Payment Methods section in StoreHippo Admin Panel.

Adding a new payment method

To add a new payment method, click on Add Payment Method button. Clicking on the button will open a window as shown below:

Now one has to fill the following fields:


Enter the name ofpaymentmethod.


Select the type of the payment method. Following are the possible values:

Payment Gateways
Select if you want to use an online payment gateway e.g. Stripe, Authorise.net, CCAvenue, PayU, etc. Click here for the list of supported payment gateways.
COD (Cash On Delivery) Select this type to enable cash on delivery option.
Offline Use this payment method if you want to collect payment offline e.g. by bank transfer, cheque or mobile money etc. 


Settings have fields specific to the type of payment method selected.

Payment Gateways

Select the gateway from the available options. Click here for the list of supported payment gateways.

Example: Following settings opens up when a user selects Stripe as the payment gateway.


Collect User Input

Turn on this option if you want to collect extra input from the user. For example, you might want to collect transaction number in case of bank transfer or cheque number in case of cheque payment. In this field, you can specify a form to collect user input. Only on successful validation of form input, the order will be placed.

OTP Verification

You might want tosetupOTP verification for offline payment method. Turn on this option to enable OTP verification. You can enable OTP verification by SMS or Email.


COD payment method has the same settings as the Offline payment method.

Apply When

By default, the payment method is visible to the store customers at the time of checkout. However, you can also choose to make the payment method visible when specific conditions are met. If you choose to define conditions then the payment method will be applied only when product/order meet all of the specified conditions. Possible conditions are as mentioned below:

  • Order total
  • Order weight
  • Order quantity
  • Every product price
  • Any product price
  • Every product category
  • Any product category
  • Every product collection
  • Any product collection
  • User group
  • Country
  • Zip code


The image for the payment method that will appear at the time of checkout. If there issinglepayment method then that is automatically selected.    


Select the checkbox, if you want to make it visible on the storefront. 

Sort Order 

You can add sort order here for payment methods.


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