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StoreHippo provides different options to ship your orders. You can manage the shipments for your orders in Orders > Shipments Section in the StoreHippo Admin Panel.  

Once the pickup for an order is arranged, you can manage the corresponding shipment from the Shipments section. 


Shipment Attributes

In the shipments section, you can view the list of all of the shipping charges applied till date. The entry will also show the tracking number, order ID, shipping service used, tracking & shipping status along with the shipment charges.

Tracking NumberIt is a unique number provided by the shipping provider through which you can track the shipment.
ServiceIt shows the name of the shipping service used to ship the shipment.
Order IdIt shows the order ID associated with the shipment.
WeightIt shows the weight of the package.
PriceIt shows the shipping charges. If there is any adjustment then the updated price will be shown.
The original price will be shown stricken through. 
Created OnIt shows the date-time when the shipment was Manifested.
Tracking StatusIt shows the status of the shipment as shared by the tracking API of the shipping provider

Operations on Shipments

The StoreHippo Admin Panel allows you various actions for managing your shipments. The operations allowed on shipments are as follows:


Click on View to view the details of shipment such as shipping charges, tracking details etc. 

Issue escalation

Escalate the issue, in case there is a delay in arranging shipment by the logistics provider or any other similar concern.

Raise dispute

Raise a dispute regarding a shipment which is lost, or which has been charged extra, etc. 

Cancel shipment

Cancel a shipment so that you can reschedule the pickup of the order either through the same or different logistics provider.

Get history

View the invoice and history for the adjusted shipping charges

Get Adjustment

In certain scenarios, the shipping charges visible to you at the time of shipment might differ from what logistics providers charge at the time of billing. You can view the adjustments made to your shipping charges at the time of billing (if any) in the Shipments section.

Shipping adjustments are applicable only when you are using ShipKaro services.