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Shipping label notification

Shipping label notification is the notification sent to with instructions explaining the next steps. The mail also includes the shipping label and invoice files as attachments.

Keys Used

Email Key:  shipping_label_info

Mail Notification

Available Variables


Store object is available for store information and has the following variables:

  • store.title: Returns the title of the store.

  • store.logo: Returns the logo image URL.

Shipment Data

shipment object is available for shipment information and has the following variables:

  • shipment_data.store_id: Returns the store id.

  • shipment_data.store_name: Returns the store name.

  • shipment_data.order_id: Returns the order id.

  • shipment_data.oid: Returns the OID of the order.

  • shipment_data.seller: Returns the seller id.

  • shipment_data.tracking_number: Returns the tracking number of the shipment.

  • shipment_data.service: Returns the service provider.

  • Returns the company data.

  • shipment_data.price: Returns the amount of the shipment.

  • shipment_data.charged_weight: Returns the weight of the shipment.

  • shipment_data.order_amount: Returns the amount of the order.

  • shipment_data.fulfillment_id: Returns the id of the fulfillment created.

  • shipment_data.shipping_address: Returns the shipping address.

  • shipment_data.pickup_address: Returns the pickup address.

  • shipment_data.tracking_status: Returns the shipment tracking status.

  • shipment_data.shipping_label: Returns the url of the shipment pdf.

User Data

User object is available for user information and has the following variables:

  • Returns the email of the user.

  • Returns the name of the user.

Order fulfillment Data

Order fulfillment object is available for order fulfillment information and has the following variables:

  • order_fulfillment_data.fulfillments: Returns the fulfillment data.

  • order_fulfillment_data.shipping_label: Returns the url of the shipping label pdf.

  • order_fulfillment_data.shipping_status: Returns the shipment status.

  • order_fulfillment_data.pickup_address: Returns the shipmnent pickup address`.