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Shipping Methods

StoreHippo allows you to define shipping charges for the orders placed in your store. You can set shipping charges on different conditions like order total, order weights, different countries and products, etc. 

You can manage Shipping Methods in Settings > Shipping Methods section of StoreHippo Admin Panel.

Adding a Shipping Method

To add a new shipping method, click on the Add New button in the top right corner. Clicking on the button will open a form with following fields: 


Enter the name of the shipping method.


Shipping methods are 3 types which are used to define and calculate the shipping charge/price. The most common and default shipping type is manual. In the case of a manual shipping method type, you need to define the shipping price under price field itself.


The price field defines the final shipping price which will be applied to the order. The price field is mandatory in case of manual shipping method type.


StoreHippo allows you to create different shipping methods for different countries.
Possible values you can find under countries field are:

  1. All countries
  2. Rest of the world
  3. Specific countries
  4. Excluding countries

All countries

To define a shipping method for all the countries.

Rest of the world

To define a shipping method for country/countries not specified in other shipping methods.

Specific countries

To define a shipping method for specific countries. In the case of specific countries, you can also define state-specific shipping charges by specifying any one country and then specifying the states.

Excluding countries

To define a shipping method for all countries except in some specific countries.

Apply when

By default, the shipping method is applied to all the orders. However, you can also choose to apply the shipping method when specific conditions are met. If you choose to define conditions then the price defined under the shipping method will be applied only when product/order meet all of the specified conditions.


Possible conditions which can be added in a shipping method are:

  1. Order total
  2. Order weight
  3. Order quantity
  4. Every product price
  5. Any product price
  6. Every product category
  7. Any product category
  8. Every product collection
  9. Any product collection
  10. User group
  11. City
  12. Zip code
  13. Substore
  14. Metafields


The operator is the mandatory field to meet the above conditions. The operators are as follows:

  1. Equal
  2. Greater than
  3. Less than


The values for the conditions are provided here.


It defines whether the shipping method is enabled or not.


By default, a shipping method is applicable for all the sellers but in the case of Multi-Seller Marketplace, you can define shipping methods for specific sellers as well.


You can also define a tax to be included/excluded with the shipping charge by selecting a tax from a number of available taxes in your store.


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