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SMS logs

StoreHippo allows you to maintain a track of sms sent or received via SMS logs. You can view order received, order confimation, notification sms etc. in the sms logs. 

Go to Logs > Sms logs section in StoreHippo Admin Panel to view the email logs.

Explanation of SMS Log

The SMS log recor contains the following columns:

Phone: The phone number of the reciever.

Message: The message body that has been sent to the receiver.

CreatedOn: The date on which the Sms log record was created.

Event: Whether the SMS was sent or recieved.

StoreName: The name of the store from where the log has been created.

StoreId: The ID of that store.

SentData: This column conatins shows the sent data i.e. receiver's phone number, country, and the message body.

Response: This column shows the response of the request as shown in the image below.

SmsChargeable: The amount of SMS charged for that SMS log record.

Status: Whether the SMS was sent successfully or not. 

Gateway: The SMS gateway used while sending the SMS.

Actions: The Actions column conatins the list of the actions that can be performed on the SMS log record.

Adding new SMS log record

To add a new SMS log record, follow the steps given below:

  • Click on the Add New button present at the top right of the page.
  • The form opens up with the following fields.

  • After entering all the required fields, click on the Save button and the Sms log will be added.