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Stock Keeping Unit (SKU)

SKU or Stock-Keeping Unit is the unique identifier or code, typically alphanumeric, that is used to identify the product or any of its variants. SKUs are used to manage and track inventory. They are also used in product mapping when integrating with other systems or marketplaces. SKUs are assigned to both the base product and its variants.

In StoreHippo, SKU generates automatically for products. Store owners can also maintain their own SKU manually or use the SKU provided by their vendors in Products > Products section in StoreHippo Admin Panel.

Default SKU Format

If no value is entered in this field, the SKU generates automatically in the format: SKU-{{uniqueid}}, where unique id can be any unique random system generated number.

SKU Generator

The SKU Generator setting allows you to set the default SKU format for products. You can define the format in the Settings > Miscellaneous section in StoreHippo Admin Panel.

SKU generator

SKU for product variants

Once you have defined the format, the SKU is generated automatically by default for every product and its variants in that format only. It saves you hours of manually creating a unique SKU for each variant of your products. Once the SKU is generated, you can update the inventory manually, or use the import functionality to update the inventory in bulk.

Example Formats

Following are some of the examples for SKU generator. You can use any product field in the Generator field.


Where MYSTORE is fixed which will remain static in all the SKUs created and unique id is a special variable which will be replaced by a random system generated number.


where the name is the product name, variant_id is the id of the product variant.

Example: If you have provided the format as {{name}}-{{variant_id}}-{{uniqueid}}, the SKU generated will be Vice-Red|Small-HB91NLKOZBNT, where the product name is "vice" and variant_id is "Red|Small".


Where name is the product name, variant_id is the id of the product variant and seller is the id of the seller. 


How to remove SKU from a product page?