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Store Locations

Store Locations are basically the physical locations from where you are operating your business. The store locations can be displayed on your website page or can become the pickup addresses that you can select from while shipping your orders. 

You can manage the Store Locations in Settings > Store Locations section in StoreHippo Admin Panel.

Displaying store locations on the storefront

If you want to show the store locations on your website page then you need tocheck mark the show on website field while adding or updating an address.


Using store location while shipping your order

All the store locations are available to choose from while shipping an order

Importing Store locations

StoreHippo provides the option to import addresses. If you have a list of store locations that you want to add to your store, you can use the import addresses in bulk using a simple CSV file.
To import store addresses, click on the vertical ellipsis button and choose Import from the drop-down. Click on Choose file, and then select the CSV file that you created. 

For a sample CSV, you can download and view our customer CSV template. You can also export the users to get your existing users in a CSV file.

Exporting Store Locations

If you wish to export your store locations, use the export option. Click on the ellipsis button and choose Export from the drop-down.

In the pop-up opened you can export all or selected columns, use the filter and export the filtered addresses, mention number of records and start marker.