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Store Settings

Settings section allows you to configure different settings related to your store. You can add functionalities to your store as per your requirement.

Settings are grouped into multiple sub-sections which are explained as below:

General Settings

General Settings allows you to configure general information about the store, e.g. logo, store title, favicon, etc.

Store locations

Store Locations are the physical locations from where you are operating your business. The store locations can be displayed on your website page.

Store Variant Settings

StoreHippo allows you to display a different version of your store to a different set of users depending on the different set of devices, locations etc. You can manage the store variant conditions from your StoreHippo dashboard.

Site settings

The site settings section allows you to configure the settings for marketing and tracking the traffic on your store.

Payment settings

Payment settings allow you to configure the order related settings. e.g. minimum order value and order id prefix.

Payment methods

Payment allows you to configure payment methods for your store. e.g. COD, Online Payment, etc.

Invoice settings

Once an order is received, you can generate and print the order invoice to be sent to the customer at the time of order delivery. You can generate invoice foran orderin Invoice settings. 

Invoice template

Helps to create your own invoice template that would be generated to a customer upon placing an order.

Shipping settings

Shipping settings allow you to manage shipping related settings, e.g. Unit System, Default Weight Units, Served Countries and Default Shipment Dimensions.

Shipping method

Shipping Methods allow you to set up shipping rates for the orders placed in your store.

User settings

User settings help to configure settings related to users. You can set up user verification flow and other settings related to user registration.

Seller settings

Seller settings help to configure the admin panel for sellers.


Notifications allow you to have full control over different modes of notifications and lets to customise the default notification templates for a number of actions.


Multiple Currencies can be added through this feature, eg, INR, Dollar, etc.


Configure the languages in which you want your stores to be available. 


Translations help to convert words into different languages, eg, Hindi, Burmese, etc.

Tax rules

Depending on your product & Service, Admin can add taxes that are applicable, e.g., sales, service etc.


Manage your domains in this section. StoreHippo allows you to add multiple domains to your store.

SSL certificates

You can manage the SSL certificate in this section. StoreHippo offers free SSL certificates under most of its plans. You can also use your own SSL certificates.

Admin users

Admin Users help you to create more logins to manage your store.


Substores allow you to create sub/child stores within your store. Your customers can switch between substores to products that belong to the selected substore.


Redirects section allows making a web page direct a visitor to a new URL address.


SEO helps in the visibility of your brand by aiding your efforts to rank higher on Google and other search engines.

White labelled emails

White labelled emails contain the list of emails that can be used to send notifications to customers.

Additional charges

Additional charges section allows you to set up additional charges on your order as per specific conditions.


MISC section contains various miscellaneous fields that can be used while setting up the store for, eg.Webp Images.

Delivery Availability

StoreHippo provides the Delivery Availability option to ensure that the Delivery is available at a particular pin code or area/city. When you enable delivery pin code option, the user is allowed to check availability with pin codes. If you want your users to check the availability with areas, select Delivery areas.

EMail Notification Providers

StoreHippo allows you to set up custom email gateways that you can use to send emails instead of using the standard StoreHippo email service, that allows you to white label the emails that go out. Before you set up a custom email gateway, please create an account with the email gateway.

Logistics Providers

StoreHippo provides seamlessly integrated shipping solution. You get integrated logistics solutions with multiple delivery partners on a single platform.