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Supported Payment Gateways

StoreHippo supports major domestic and International payment gateways. Following is the complete list of supported payment gateways on StoreHippo: 

Payment Gateways National / International Supports Reconciliation* Supports Full/Partial Refund
    CCAvenue Multi-Currency Both  YesNo
PayPal International No Yes (Full)
Paypal Adaptive  InternationalNo Yes (Both)
 Paytm National Yes Yes (Full)
 PayUMoney  National Yes No
PayUNational YesYes (Both)
 Razorpay  National Yes No
EBS  National YesYes (Full)
Amazon Pay  National No No
 Atom  NationalNo Yes (Full)
Cashfree  National Yes No
CitrusPay  National No No
2Checkout International No No
ANZ Secure International No No
Authorize.Net International No No
DirecPay National No No
ZaakPay National No No
CommonWealth Bank Payment Gateway InternationalNo No 
Instamojo National Yes Yes (Full)
EsewaInternationalNo No
HDFC Both No No
Mobikwik National No No
Paytabs InternationalNo Yes (Both)
Senangpay InternationalNo No
Skaash National No No
Shmart/UDIO National Yes No
Stripe InternationalNo Yes (Full)
TELR International Yes No
National Australian BankInternational                 No  No 

Reconciliation: In the cases, when an order is processed, the response of payment status from the payment gateway is not shared with the platform, thus the order does not get created. To avoid such situations, StoreHippo has integrated the Reconciliation API with the payment gateways.