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Temporary Password for Users

At StoreHippo, we provide support for setting up the temporary password for users. You can enable automatic generation of temporary password when you add a new user. This is particularly important when you are adding multiple users in bulk and want to set a temporary random password for them. The temporary password is available in the user welcome mail notification. Customer will be prompted to change their password when they log in with their temporary password.

Set temporary password for new user

To enable temporary password, go to Customers > Users section in StoreHippo Admin Panel and add a new user. 

Click on "Use temp password" checkbox. After you set a temporary password, a welcome email with temp password will be sent to the user. There are 2 possible outcomes in this case.
  • If the temporary password is set and password is left blank then a random 6 character password will be automatically generated and sent to the user.
  • If the password is also specified along with the temporary password, then the specified password will be used as the temporary password.


Welcome mailer

The screenshot below shows the welcome email with the temporary password sent to the user.

When the user logs in using the temporary password, the user will be redirected to the Change Password page. 

Enable temporary password for existing user

This mainly occurs when a user forgets his password and requests for a new password. To enable temporary password for existing user, update a user with "Use temporary password" field as checked. A temporary password will be automatically generated and will be available in the change password notification.

Change password notification

The screenshot below shows a sample change password email template.