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Third party font support

  • If font is not a part of google font family then we have to download it's .ttf file.

  • Upload this ttf file in ms.files section.

  • Get cdn path of this file.

  • Create font face of this file in design theme custom css section.

  • Apply this font family on required selector.


Example: ‘GillSans Light’

  • Download and upload ttf file ‘GillSans Light.ttf’ in files

  • Create font family in custom css :


@font-face {

         font-family: GillSans Light;

        src: url('//cdn.storehippo.com/s/57becbc1c7c3f63b45b0728e/ms.files/gillsans-light.ttf');


  • Use this font family on required selector :




    font-family: "GillSans Light","Helvetica Neue",Arial,Sans-Serif !important;