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Tips for Meta Description

StoreHippo allows you to enter the meta description for all the static pages, categories, collections, brands, product pages individually. However, while entering the meta description for the pages in your store, you should take a few measures that are listed below:

  • Unique description for all the pages: You should enter a unique description for all of the pages separately.
  • Keep the meta description between 135 to 160 characters: Do not keep the description less than 135 characters or more than 160 characters. In the case of a short description, Google may add some random data, and in the case of a bigger description, it will truncate the description beyond 160 characters. 
  • Selective phrases to be used in the description: Keep the description to the point that should be relevant to the page and its content.

Why won't Google use my meta description?

In some cases the meta description that you have entered and that displayed in SERP does not match, it may happen due to the below-mentioned reasons:

Description for the page is not provided 

If you have entered the meta description for the home page under Settings > SEO, it doesn't mean Google will display the same meta description for the rest of the pages in your store if you have not defined the meta description for those pages separately. In such cases, Google may pick random data from the page and will display it in SERP. However, this may vary from browser to browser.


If you have recently updated the meta description, in that case in some browsers, SERP may display the updated description and sometimes the older description. It is because the old description is cached by Google and will get removed in a few days, or you can resubmit the particular page on Google webmaster.

Too long or short description

Try to keep the description between 135-150 characters only. In the case of a long description, Google may truncate the description, and in the case of a too short description, it may add random data in the description.

Self-promotional description

A meta description that you are defining for any of the pages should contain relevant information about the page and should not look like an ad for your store or any promotional activity. Also do not overload the description with a lot of keywords repeatedly.

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