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Understanding Fulfillments

The concept of fulfillment is to allow admin to fulfill the partial orders if the inventory for all of the products in any order is not available at that given point.
When you enable the Partial Fulfillment feature in your Admin Panel, you have the access to Fulfillments section under Orders.

Fulfillment Section

In the Orders > Fulfillments section you can view all your fulfillments. The Fulfillments View has tabs depending on their status - All, Pending, Fulfilled and Cancelled.

Search fulfillments

You can search any fulfillment by the Fid (unique fulfillment id) or tracking number associated with it. You can also apply advanced filters to the records based on their, Fid, Status, Tracking Number and Tracking Status.

Export Fulfillments

You can also export the fulfillment details into a CSV file. Click on the ellipsis button and select the Export command from the drop-down to export fulfillments.

Fulfilled Count in Item Details

You would see fulfilled count for each item in an order displayed under their quantity. This value changes when you create or cancel fulfillments. This value denotes the quantity of each item for which fulfillments have been created.

Fulfillment Status

The shipment status of the order will be replaced with its Fulfillment Status. An order's fulfillment status can assume any one of three values mentioned below depending upon the fulfilled quantity of its items.
  • Pending: When none of the items is fulfilled.
  • Partial: When some but not all items are fulfilled.
  • Fulfilled: When all items and their quantity of the order are fulfilled.

Create Fulfillment  

You will find an additional command for creating fulfillments in the commands drop-down. 

Fulfillment Section

The fulfillments of an order will be listed under this section of the Orders details. When no fulfillments are created, it shows the line "No Fulfillments". 

Fulfillment Details

By clicking on the fulfillment id you can view all the details of the fulfillment and perform various actions like Ship Now, Mark as Shipped, Mark as Delivered, etc on it.