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Example: Update inventory via CSV

Scenario: Suppose you want to update the inventory of the products via CSV.Let us take the example of the CSV file and see how it is done.         

StoreHippo offers an easy way to update the inventory of multiple products through CSV at the same time. To do so, follow the process given below:
  1. Export all products or specific products for which you want to update the inventory.
  2. With respect to Inventory management, you will find three columns in the CSV namely: inventory_management, inventory_management_level, inventory_quantity, inventory_allow_out_of_stock.

    3. The values which you can provide in the three columns can be:
        i. inventory_management column can contain two values i.e automatic or none. If you specify automatic then inventory will be automatically handled by your store. On the other hand, if you specify none then you have to take care of the inventory.

        ii. inventory_management_level also can contain two values i.e variant or product. If you specify variant then for that particular product, inventory can only be altered in Options and Variants tab of the product in the StoreHippo Admin Panel. On the other hand, if you specify product then its inventory can be managed in the General tab of that product in the admin panel.

       iii. inventory_quantity is the count of that particular product you have.

       iv. inventory_allow_out_of_stock can contain two values 1 or 0. If you specify 1, then the order can be placed even if the inventory quantity is 0. On the other hand, if the inventory quantity is 0, no order could be placed.

  4. When you have updated all these entries for the products, import the CSV file and all your inventory changes will be reflected on the storefront as well as admin panel.