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User Account Password Reset

User Account Password Reset is the notification sent to a user when the user initiates a forgot password request.

Keys Used

Email Key:  user_account_password_reset

Mail Notification

Available Variables


Store object is available for store information and has the following variables:

  • store.title: Returns the title of the store

  • store.url: Returns the store URL.

  • store.logo: Returns the logo image URL.


It contains the information about the user and has the following variables:

  • user.first_name: Returns the first name of the user.
  • user.email: Returns the email id of the user.
  • user.phone: Returns the phone number of the user.
  • user.customer_groups: Returns the group of the user.

It contains the information about the forgot password request:
  • link: Returns the URL link that will be shared with the user