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User CSV file format

Following fields are available for use in the users CSV file:


Enter e-mail id of the new user. Email Id is the unique and required field. If a user already exists with the same email id then you will get an error for the duplicate email id.

First Name  (first_name)

Enter the first name of the new customer. 

Last Name 

Enter the last name of the new customer.


Enter the password for the user. 

Use Temporary Password

Possible values are 0 or 1.
If this flag is set, value for use_temporary_password is 1 and password field is left blank then a random 6 character password is automatically generated for the user. If the password is also specified along with this flag then the specified password will be used as the temporary password. A temporary password is also available in the welcome_email email notification template.  

When user will the first login using the temporary password, the user will be redirected to the Change Password page. 


Enter the phone number of the user.


You can define the role as per the user if it is the seller you need to mention seller and if it's the user then user.


In order to verify the user it please makes it "1" or else" 0".


 Fill in the address details of your new customer, mentioned the city, pincode, state in the respective columns.