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User Verification Flow

There are a lot of times when you require users to verify themselves to avoid spam accounts. StoreHippo enables the store admin to set verification methods to be used during the user registration process.

Enabling user verification

By default, user verification is not required. You can enable user verification in Settings > User Settings section in StoreHippo Admin Panel. Check User Verification Required to enable verification for the registered users.

Select the verification method to enable.

There are three types of user verification in StoreHippo:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Email and Phone
Phone field is not part of the default registration form. If you are selecting Phone or Email and Phone, please add phone field in the registration form in StoreHippo Admin Forms (Site > Forms) entity. Refer Login via mobile number.

User Verification in Themes

There is a default user verification page in all StoreHippo themes that handles both Email verification and Mobile verification. The default verification page is shown below:

Designing custom verification page

The verification page is predefined by StoreHippo. If you want to custom design your verification page then selects Custom Verification Page in the User settings.

After selecting custom verification page, one can edit the User page in the theme pages. You can then include the template for the verification in the user page.

The email of the user needs to be verified by clicking on the link received by him in his email. The user can resend the verification mail if it is not received by him or the link has expired.

For verifying the phone number, the user needs to enter the OTP received on his device. If the OTP is expired or not received then the OTP can be resend using the Resend OTP option.

User Verification Notification

The user will get a verification mail or verification SMS or both according to the verification method enabled in settings.
See User Verification Notification for notification sent to the users.