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Vinculum marketplace

Selling on popular marketplaces along with your own site helps you in improving conversions. StoreHippo in association with its partner Vinculum, allows you to connect your store with multiple marketplaces.

Vin eRetail express (Vinculum) helps you with managing orders and selling across multiple marketplace channels seamlessly and easily. 

By integrating Vinculum, you will be able to sync your orders, products and data from all the marketplaces and fulfil the orders from the vinculum dashboard.

Vinculum provides the following services:

  • Sell products on all major marketplace from one unified dashboard
  • Centralized inventory for all channels
  • Single screen dashboard to manage all the orders coming from different marketplaces
  • Automatic return management

Integrating this channel is easy and automated by StoreHippo. You just need to follow the given steps:

  1. Go to Sellers > Sellers section in StoreHippo Admin Panel to add a new seller.
  2. Click on Add New.
  3. Clicking on Add new button opens the following form. Fill the required fields as explained in the Managing sellers topic.
  4. Save the seller.
  5. Go to Advance Settings > Access Keys section of StoreHippo Admin Panel
  6. Click on Add new to generate an access key for the seller that you just added.
  7. Clicking on Add New button opens the following form. Select the seller that you created in the previous seller and save.
  8. The access key is generated for the seller.
  9. Now when your seller logs into their StoreHippo seller panel, he/she can use the vinculum marketplace from StoreHippo dashboard. 
  10. Go to Settings > Marketplace section. You can access the Vinculum dashboard right from the StoreHippo Admin Panel. You can also open the vinculum dashboard in a browser if you wish by clicking on Open in a browser.