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Wallet Transactions

Wallet transactions are logged for different actions performed on the wallets of the user. You can use the wallet transactions to keep a track and manage the transactions performed to and fro by the user/customers. You can also check and add points to the wallet of the users through wallet transactions.

Go to Users > Wallet Transactions section of StoreHippo Admin Panel to manage the wallet transactions.

In the wallet transactions, all the transactions are present with the complete list of credit and debit entries for the wallets of all users or selected users. You can also filter the transactions by a time range. You can also view the transactions, total credit, debit, and store credits of a specific user.
Transactions are generated for the following actions:

Order Placed

As soon as an order is placed by a user/customer by redeeming wallet points, a transaction will be created in the wallet transactions which will debit the amount of wallet points used by the user for the user's wallet.

User registered

If you have set up the user registration points, the points will be credited to the user's wallets as soon as they register.

Product cashback

If you have set up the product-specific cashback points, and the user purchases the specified products, the cashback points will be credited to the user's wallet.


If you are making a refund to the customer's wallet, the points will be credited to the user's waller.

Adding new wallet transaction

To add a new wallet transaction, click on Add New button in the top right corner. The following page appears with the fields described below: 


Enter the user in the User field by choosing the user from the drop-down.

Posting Type

Select the transaction posting type in this field. The types are Credit and Debit.


Enter the amount of money that needs to be credited or debited in the amount field.


Enter the action in this field. The action can be points redeemed, refunded, user registration, product purchased, etc.


Enter the description of the actions in the description field.


Select the type of wallet from the drop-down. The types of wallets are Loyalty and StoreCredit.

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