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StoreHippo offers white labelling for your store in which allows you to use your brand name and logo in the frontend as well as the backend of your store. You can make all your communications and notification branded with your logo. StoreHippo understands the importance of brands and thus provides different means to white label a store. 

Whitelabelingof Admin

When you choose to white label the admin panel of your store, the admin panel is branded with your logo.

If you wish to white label your store, you can contact the StoreHippo team and the team will provide you with the functionality in the suitable timeline.

Whitelabelingof Emails

When an email notification is sent to users by StoreHippo admin panel, the source is mentioned there. If you wish to hide the source, you can opt for whitelabelingof emails. To white label an email, you can use third-party email services. Install an email provider from StoreHippo App store and set up the custom email provider.

Click here forcompleteprocedure: 
Setting up custom email provider 

Whitelabelingof SMS 

You can white label an SMS by sending the SMS through a third-party SMS provider integrated with StoreHippo instead of sending SMS from StoreHippo admin panel. To do so, you will need to install an SMS provider from the StoreHippo App store and set up the custom email provider in a few simple steps.

Refer the link for a complete guide: 
Setting up custom SMS provider