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WooCommerce Channel Migration With StoreHippo

Automatic Order Sync

Integrating Woocommerce with the StoreHippo panel allows you to sync all the Pending Orders from the WooCommerce panel into the system.

Catalogue & inventory Sync

All the active products on the WooCommerce panel will automatically be linked into the system. Similarly, the entire product catalogue on WooCommerce can be easily maintained from the StoreHippo dashboard.

Sellers can synchronise their products or product data on WooCommerce with StoreHippo seller account through API. Users bear no upfront costs to start selling on the advanced, seller-friendly solution. The entire product migration process takes minutes!

Here, we show you how to link your WooCommerce account to StoreHippo to maximise your order fulfilment and catalogue management options. Vendors may quickly and easily link their existing WooCommerce catalogue with StoreHippo using this step-by-step tutorial!

How to Integrate WooCommerce with StoreHippo

Step 1. Log in at your Woocommerce Admin panel.

Step 2. Go to Woocommerce >> Settings >> Advanced from the left of the admin panel (as shown)

Step 3. Click on the tab ”Rest API“. Then, select the “Add Key“ option as shown. Key Details include Channel Description, User ID, and Access Permission.

Important Note: You have to give “Read” permission to configure all data entries between the two channels.

Step 4. After filling in all the relevant information, click on the “Generate API Key“ button.

Step 5. Copy all the credentials generated to configure them later with your StoreHippo account. The configuration process is explained after step 7.

Retrieve “Consumer Secret” and “Consumer Key” as shown:

Important Note: The “Consumer Secret” key may only be viewed once. Hence, save your ‘Consumer Key’ and ‘Consumer Secret’ credentials before leaving the page. Also, be sure NEVER to share your API credentials publicly.

Sellers can migrate their entire product catalogue from WooCommerce to their StoreHippo seller account in just a few clicks. The seamless process can enable users to leverage StoreHippo’s advanced, feature-rich dashboard to make their selling journey quick and hassle-free. Here’s how the channel integration works:

Step 1. Log in to your StoreHippo admin page.

Step 2. Go to Channels >> Integrated Channels.

Step 3. Select the “Woocommerce” channel from multiple available options.

Step 4. Then, you will be directed to the “Channel Settings” section, asking you to enter the same credentials as saved from the WooCommerce panel.

Step 5. Fill in the required parameters “Channel Name”, “user ID”, “consumer key, and “Consumer Secret”, as shown below.

Step 6. Switch on the “Import Products” option. Then, click on the “Add Channel” button. Your WooCommerce channel is now synced with your StoreHippo admin panel.

Important Note: You can also review your “Channel's Stats” and “Channel Records” to ensure that your WooCommerce store has been successfully configured on StoreHippo.

a) “Channel Stats” can be accessed on your StoreHippo admin panel, as illustrated here. The entry confirms that the entire catalogue on WooCommerce has been successfully migrated to the StoreHippo dashboard.

Channel Stats

b) "Channel Records," which includes each entry's migration status along with their unique “Channel ID”. After an entry is made, the information is processed and stored in the “Channel Records” section.

Channel Records

Step 7. To confirm that all products have been successfully migrated from WooCommerce to StoreHippo, go to Products >> Published. All products should now be categorically listed on the page.

Congratulations! Your WooCommerce Channel has been successfully configured with StoreHippo. Stay tuned for our upcoming "Customer Migration" and "Order Migration" solutions for added ease of use.

Important Note: Since your WooCoomerce product catalogue is now synced on StoreHippo, the entire product migration will be carried out automatically. Also, any changes made to the product details in your WooCommerce store will be reflected in your StoreHippo admin panel.