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Size Chart

You can use the SizeChart app for setting size chart for different products.

Enabling SizeChart App

Go to Advance Settings > Apps in your StoreHippo Admin Panel to install the SizeChart app.

Implementation of SizeChart in Store

When you install the SizeChart app, you need to follow the following steps for implementation:
  1. In your admin section, a new entity named Size Charts will be visible under Custom Entities.

  2. Go to Custom Entities > Size_charts and upload any image or file in this entity.

  3. Go to Products section in Admin Panel. Click on add/edit product, a metafield named as size chart is visible. This metafield will relate the file uploaded by you in size_chart entity.

  4. Select the file as per your requirement and save.

  5. Go to front-end, check that product you will see the SizeChart file is visible now.