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How to create a role which have access to few entities of a section?


You want to create a custom role in your store. This role will only be able to view only Order section but no abandoned checkout, ship now, and shipments section. 


StoreHippo provides you with the functionality to define custom roles for your users. You can restrict the users from accessing a specific entity or section.

To define roles, follow the below mentioned steps:

Creating Role

  1. Go to Advance settings > Roles section in StoreHippo Admin Panel.
  2. Click on Add New button to create a role.
  3. In the appeared form, enter the Name as 'Orders Only'.
  4. Select the Give Admin Login Access check box to give access to the admin panel to the role.
  5. Select the Store Entities Permissions check box to the role the permission to access store entities.
  6. Select the Type as 'Granular'. 
  7. Search for 'Orders' entity in the search bar.
  8. Go to the 'Orders' in the given list and choose 'Allow' from the drop-down.
  9. Click on Save to save the changes. 

    Adding Roles in Users

  10. Go to Users > Users section in StoreHippo Admin Panel.
  11. Edit the existing user or add a new user
  12. Go to the field 'Role' and select a role from the drop-down.
  13. Save the changes.