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Receive payment for an order via link


StoreHippo allows you to create a payment link to receive payment for an order with 'pending' financial status.

You can create a payment link for such orders and share it with your customers through Orders section of StoreHippo Admin Panel.

Receive payment for unpaid orders

Following are the steps to create a payment link for an order with 'pending' financial status.

Step 1: Customer places a COD order or admin adds an order manually through admin panel with pending financial status.
Step 2: Admin clicks on Receive Payment next to Balance Amount.

Step 3: Admin sees the confirmation popup and the email address of the customer to which the payment link will be sent.

Step 4: Once confirmed, the customer gets the email with the link. Admin can also share the link with the customer manually.

Step 5: Customer clicks on the link and sees the Order Summary. If there is a balance payment then customer sees the balance amount and Make Payment link.


Step 6: Customer chooses a payment method from a list of available payment methods.
Step 7: Customer fills the required payment credentials and completes the payment. 

Step 8: Customer sees the Order Summary again.

All transactions are also logged in Order Detail.